Learning Spanish?!

TokyoBentoBlog_SpanishI have been using many different apps and websites to help me  on my quest to learn Japanese and recently one of them contacted me. The learning app called Busuu is conducting an 8 week study in order to judge its effectiveness in helping people learn. They reached out to their users to see who would be able/ willing to participate in the research study. At first I was not interested because you would have to learn Spanish, but the reward for participating is a free lifetime membership for any language of your choice for you and a friend.


A free lifetime membership to a Japanese learning site/app just sounds like a good idea to me. The only downside is that you can only study Spanish during the study and  you cannot study any other language on the app. So I went to their offices located here in NY and took a test to see if I would qualify to participate, upon qualifying I was given premium for three months and am now learning Spanish when I have free time. Now I am still studying Japanese anyway, but I try to do some Spanish on the app for at least 20 minutes a day. The study wants you to practice for 2hours a week, so its not so bad.


At first it felt like a chore but since I said I was going to do this I wanted to give it my best shot and study like I meant it. To my surprise it is actually pretty fun, the site and app are very interactive and encourage you to continue. I also find myself looking forward to receiving corrections, eager to find out if something I did was correct. I had the app on my phone for the longest time but probably only used it once or  twice, honestly I didn’t really give it a chance. But this study really makes me want to use Busuu for Japanese, I really like the ability to have native speakers correct my writing and speaking! they also have a chat function on their site to speak to people and help each other learn. So I definitely have to qualify for the last test to get that premium now! I am still studying Japanese while doing this study, I am currently focusing on relearning the n5 kanji that I have forgotten and moving on to learning the N4 list.


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