Japanese Textbooks


I haven’t bought a ton of Japanese textbooks, aside from some workbooks and study aides that I’ve purchased. The majority of my textbooks come from Japanese courses that I was taking and kept using. The textbooks that I mainly use are the Minna no Nihongo series, I took a Japanese language course some time ago and these where the books that we used in class. So I’m pretty use to them and I like the way that they increase in difficulty.I found these books to be really good for self study because they come with an answer key for the textbook as well as grammar explanations in the workbook.

Nowadays I don’t think you really need to buy a textbook to study Japanese, there are some free options out there such as Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese . However for me I really like having a textbook. I like having the structure  of vocabulary, grammar, exercises, and workbook pages etc. I can’t do a review of textbooks because I have mainly only use this set, but I have found them to be very beginner friendly. The first book in the series is called Minna no Nihongo Shokyu 1, there is a main textbook, a grammatical notes book and a kanji book you can get called Minna no Nihongo Shokyu kanji 1. I purchased mine at my local Japanese book store, but if that is not a possibility for you, you can purchase them at white rabbit press. I do not have the complete set, just the books I mentioned above and that was enough for me.

Don’t get to caught up trying to find the absolute perfect textbook or workbook or phrase book (I’m guilty of two of those) because there isn’t one. One may have something the other one doesn’t and vice versa, no one place will have everything you need to know. So don’t  get to caught up on it, and have various places from which you learn. Plus finding out new things is always fun! Ganbatte!


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