Busuu Success!


I was selected to complete the Busuu study! I have to say I didn’t think I was gonna make it, since the last few weeks were tough time wise, but I did! and I’m happy! I went back up to the Mcgraw hill office in Manhattan, to take the same placement test that we had to take in the beginning. This time I definitely did a whole lot better then last time, but I was still under level one (hey I tried), it also took me a lot longer to get through the whole test. Now that I have completed the study, I was told that I will have lifetime access to the premium edition of Busuu for all 12 languages! as well as a lifetime pass for a friend. I just have to wait for the official notification from them, which is taking its sweet, sweet time.

Now that I’ve used Busuu for a month, I feel like I can give my opinion on it. I do like the app however it didn’t teach me Spanish, that is I learned a lot of vocabulary words, but when it came to learning grammar and tenses it just wasn’t enough for me. Now during the study we were only allowed to use Busuu to learn, nothing else, no supplements etc. I think Busuu is a great app/ website but not to be used on its own, you really do need to supplement it with something else.

What I really loved about Busuu is that interacting with other learners is SO easy. It was extremely easy to find someone to speak to or to message, (at least with Spanish anyway). My writing practice was always corrected by someone right away ( which is a benefit of premium) as well as my dialogue. The dialogue practice was also something that I liked, in which you repeated the sentence to practice your pronunciation. I think it would be interesting if they could give you a topic and you had to talk about it for a minute or so and someone corrected it, in edition to the dialogue practice. That  would really force you to think in that language.

I’m excited to start using it for Japanese, which is what I’ve been looking forward to this whole time and kept me going through the study. I’m looking forward to the writing practice the most since I really don’t practice writing enough, my poor lang-8 profile is looking empty. I’m also hoping to make a few friends on there to practice with. Hopefully it will spice up my Japanese routine a bit!



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