Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store! ep.1


After being sick for a whole week and making sure my mom had an awesome mothers day, I finally had the time to watch Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store! Yay me *claps for self* This TV drama is an adaptation of a popular shojo manga comedy series of the same name, I’ve never read it before so this series is completely new to me. The show centers around two convenience store employees, Matsukoma and Nii, who work the night shift. Matsukoma is a college graduate who has been looking for work for 2 years, and Nii is a Buddism major still in school.

The way that I decided to watch the series is first without any subtitles on, then again with the subtitles in order to catch everything that I missed. I do this to see how much I can understand on my own, and increase my listening comprehension. I also make notes of new words in a notebook as I watch. I am watching the series on crunchyroll which allows you to turn off the subtitles by right-clicking and selecting no subtitles. At the end of this post I will place the list of vocab words that I made from the show.

In this episode we are introduced to the two main characters, their co-worker, boss, and Matsukoma’s childhood friend Kaede. This episode focuses on Matsukoma’s many attempts at conversing with Nii and the awkwardness that occurs with that, as well as Nii’s non-reactions to other people. From here on out there will be spoilers for the first episode! If you don’t want to be spoiled and just want to see the list of vocab words I made from the episode, then scroll down to the bottom!


This episode starts of with Nii talking to a disgruntled customer as Matsukoma arrives at work. He goes in and tries to assuage the situation only to have Nii proclaim Kami wa shinda (God is dead ) after the customer mentions being treated like a god. This was freaking hilarious as I was really not expecting him to say that at all while watching. After this, we see Matsukoma’s attempts at polite conversation with the stoic Nii, first with him joking about his name, which was a very interesting cultural/language joke to me. Since his name is Nii so it must be strange to have strangers calling him Nii-san or older people calling him Nii-chan, of course this was followed by Nii shutting him down saying that older people call him Nii-kun. I was probably way to happy about understanding this joke right off the bat the first time around hahahaaa… ok I’m done.

Matsukoma then asks if Nii is a student which he reply’s with a yes, and informs Nii that he is studying Buddhism. This leads to Matsukoma asking him to recite the heart sutra, a prayer that he does daily. Nii obliges and goes straight into it, I have no idea what the sutra was saying, if it was even saying anything at all, so if you know, please let me know lol. He continues on full steam even when a customer comes in, in need of service, scaring the poor guy off. We are then introduced to the their wacky manager who is my favorite character even though he was on screen for the least amount of time. His introduction was just to funny, I don’t even want to write about it in fear of spoiling it for you, so next! But wait, also at the end of it if you look at Matsukoma’s actor you can see him trying really hard not to laugh.


Next we meet Watari a fellow convenience store worker, whose all about money. He gets into a conversation with Nii about wining the lottery and buying tanks, you know normal stuff. To me, the funniest part about this conversation was Matsukoma’s reaction to it and his attempts at trying to get the conversation back on a normal track. After Matsukoma finds Nii staring at the adult magazine section of the store, they have a light hearted conversation about it and youth, that is until Nii asks Matsukoma why he doesn’t buy them anymore, that’s when things get serious lol. Matsukoma goes into an in-depth explanation of his babyface, lollicon love which was just to funny both times around, man he has really some specific tastes.


At the end of this conversation Matsukoma’s childhood friend Kaede shows up hungry after a long day of work. She contemplates if she should eat or not, until she sees Nii and is struck right in the heart haha. She then goes on a solid 4 minute inner monologue discussing Nii’s awesomeness with herself, which was funny at the beginning then slowly became a little annoying. I kept thinking “What are the other characters doing while shes doing all of this?” That’s when you know its carrying on for a little to long. However I still like her character. Matsukoma apologizes but its okay because Nii gets this all the time lol!

I feel like I was able to understand maybe 30 percent of what people where saying in this show. I could understand all of the conversations between Matsukoma and Nii, but when it came to everyone else I was pretty much lost except for some words here or there. For example I had no idea what the rude gangster type customer was saying at the very beginning of the show, but I could understand some of what Kaede was talking about in the beginning of her monologue (about strikes and such lol). With Watari I was completely lost when they started talking about tanks and politics though.

To me this show is pretty funny and the characters entertaining. I’m excited to see where it goes from here and I’m looking forward to laughing. The vocab list for this episode is filled with words that I didn’t know and some words that would help with your understanding when watching it. You might know them all already either way I hope it helps!


  • てんちょう: Shop manager
  • コンビニ: Convenience store
  • しゅしょう: Prime minister
  • せんしゃ: Tank
  • ストライク: Strike
  • サッカ: Soccer
  • たからくじ:lottery
  • ぶっきょう:Buddhism
  • かん:Nurse
  • しお:Salt



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