Mr. Nietzche in the Convenience Store ep. 2


Okay so its not quiet Monday it’s Tuesday, but onto  episode 2 of Mr. Nietzche in the Convenience Store anyway! In this episode it seems everyone has some kind of scheme, except for Matsukoma and Nii who are just poor innocent bystanders haha. Once again this review will have some spoilers so you can skip to the bottom for the vocab list, if you don’t want to know anything about the episode.

The episode starts off with the manager of the convenience store asking Nii for his email address, or Line id, so he can get in touch with him for work issues, and whenever he feels lonely lol. I was surprised when he mentioned Line, I wonder if its a popular app in japan? Anyway, this leads into a conversation about their group chat and how they annoy each other. After hearing this, Nii comes to the conclusion that they can have his email as long as its for work related issues. Except for Matsukoma of course, he writes his email address down for him in Sanskrit! (the liturgical language of Buddhism).


In the next scene Matsukoma and the manager are in the back office, and Matsukona asks him why did he hire Nii. He tells him because Nii is calm, cool, and of course because he could handle it if they were ever robbed, while Matsukoma would panic.  Matsukoma then decides to explain to Nii the procedure for if such a thing were to happen. However, Nii already knows what he would do and proceeds to explain his anti-theft counter measures, which consist of ketchup blinding, choking and of course bone dislocation, you know, typical anti theft stuff.


Money hungry Watari-san is suspected of stealing change from the register, after being caught by Matsukoma and Nii going through the ten yen coins. He quickly explains to them that this is all apart of a new plan he has to hit it big. All he needs to find are milled ten yen coins, because they trade for a high price and are worth hundred of millions of yen. When asked where he found out this secret information he says Wikipedia, where anyone would have access to the same information. However Watari believes he is the only one money hungry enough to come to such a conclusion, I have to say, I think so too. Watari is astonished when Nii just so happens to have some in his pocket, but before he could collect, they are interrupted by a customer.  This causes Watari to drop all the coins on the floor and the two witness Watari’s amazing ability to smell out money.


Later In an attempt to increase sales, the manager decides to buy a new beverage to sell. One that would make the customers in his words say “this is wow!” Strawberry daifuku milk. Strawberry milk with mochi that is filled with red bean paste, it sounds like a bad mix just thinking about it. However there is a problem, the manager never thought to try it  before buying 1000 bottles. Nii grabs one and decides to give it a try when one major flaw is discovered, it is undrinkable. The mochi gets caught in the stray making it impossible to drink any of the milk.


Kaede arrives at the store in the middle of the night completely wasted. She drank hoping it would help her talk to Nii more freely. This plan completely backfires on her because instead of being able to talk to him, she passes out within minuets of arriving. However, this leads to an even better situation for her, with Nii deciding to take care of her himself, he even princess carries her to the back office. The end result of his caring for her wasn’t all that elegant, with him placing her like a dead body, but hey he tried and that what counts right.


At 4 AM a young girl named Sae walks into the store all by her self, causing Matsukoma and Watari to become concerned. Matsukoma tries to talk to the little girl and get her to go home, he even offers to take her home, Which is received with an icy stare from Nii. After awkwardly explaining that he likes young looking women not children, the manager appears, wondering what the commotion is about. Still refusing to leave, Sae ends up helping Nii (who hates children, like he hates watery curry) with his duties of replacing old stock with new. He then sends her home by herself in the rain after giving her an umbrella for her hard work, and states that she will come in handy in the future to everyone’s surprise.

I thought this episode was funny and had a lot more going on in it then the first one did. There are still two characters in the opening that we have not seen in the show as of yet, I’m curious to find out who they are. My favorite parts in this episode were Watari coin scheme and Nii’s robbery strategy. I didn’t have as much trouble understanding Watari as I did before, however I did have to look up some of the coin stuff. The list of words is below, I hope it is helpful! I’m thinking of making an Anki card deck for each series I do, because why not, maybe someone will find it helpful.


  • けいたい:Cell phone
  • しん: Self confidence
  • いちご:Strawberry
  • たしかに: Certainly
  • おきやく さん: Customer
  • おかしい: Strange, odd
  • せんぱい: Senior
  • こはい: Junior
  • はたらきます: To work
  • やすみます: To be absent


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