Tanaka kun is always listless ep. 1


Now for the review I’ve been looking forward to all week. I have been wanting to review this show for awhile now, but wanted to wait until more episodes came out for it, and now I’ve finally come around to doing it. I will try not to spoil all the funny parts in this review, but alas it will have some spoilers for the first episode. So if you haven’t watched it yet and hate spoilers scroll down to the bottom for the vocab list, its a simple list but it will be helpful when you do watch it.


In this episode we are introduced to the two main characters of the series Tanaka and his best friend Ohta. The episode starts of with Tanaka asleep under a tree and Ohta fetching him by literally carry him over his shoulder and bring him to class. During class Tanaka has a hard time finding the perfect sleep position, but with the class in self study he wants to take advantage of the best of lazy situations. It doesn’t quiet work out for him, with him ending up on the floor, but hey he tried.


Next its time for P.E which you would think someone like Tanaka, whose goal it is to be lazy would hate.However Tanaka sees it as the perfect time to build up some arm strength which is necessary if you want to sleep in class, but when you can’t get through the warm up you definitely have a tough road ahead of you. Luckily Tanaka has Ohta who is a beast at P.E and needs no partner, a perfect time for another nap.


On the way home from school Tanaka and Ohta pass by a bookstore. After mentioning one piece, case closed and DBZ  and the hardships that those protagonists face, Tanaka says that he doesn’t want to be the main character of his own life, because it sounds exhausting. I don’t blame him I wouldn’t want to be in any of those anime’s either, plus I’m starting to believe that they will never find the one piece. He says that background characters have it the best, because they have no lines and sometimes aren’t even fully drawn, well unless its created by kyoani (studio) and where everyone has a face. They then go to the park were their conversation continues, Tanaka tells Ohta that he doesn’t want to be relied upon and Ohta tells him he will definitely be alone haha. Ohta then proceeds to do all the things Tanaka just said he didn’t want to do, he can’t help his helpful personality. So Tanaka tells him he knows a good family he can marry into ha,  Ohta would make the best wife for Tanaka unless he has a sister, but siblings have not been mentioned yet.


The next day in class it seems Tanaka is even more listless then usual, and Ohta dubs it double listless day. You know you have a ridiculously awesome friend when they notice that your sighs are longer then usual. Anyway, during lunch tanaka refuses to eat even though he is obviously hungry, Ohta takes this as him taking his listlessness to the next level. In music class Tanaka is asked to play the piano for the class, talented guy. However the happy song they were set to sing is turned dark by Tanaka’s grim piano playing.

Ohta, Katou and the red haired kid ( whats his name?) discuss Tanaka’s behavior with the conclusion being that he must be in love. Ohta returns to the class room and finds Tanaka still there, he tries to cheer up his supposedly love sick friend and discovers that what he is really suffering from… is a tooth ache ha! Ohta then proceeds to carry Tanaka to the dentist over his shoulder as usual, you gotta love Tanaka’s perfect rag doll over Ohta’s shoulder. As they walk home Ohta decides that he will support Tanaka’s sincerity towards listlessness, after listening to him talk about brushing his teeth properly as to never have his peaceful day interrupted again.

After watching the first episode, I’m pretty sure I’m really gonna like this show. The two main characters are likeable and funny plus who can’t relate to Tanaka on some level. I feel like he is the more extreme version of me in high school, but his listlessness is far superior then mine could ever be. Suffice it to say, I’m really liking this show so far and am looking forward to watching the rest. Also for those who want to know the opening song for the show is うたたねサンシャイン (Utata ne sanshain) by Unlimited tone I really like the song, and the ending is Bon Bon by Coorie. The vocab list is below!


  • てんき: Weather
  • かいし: Start
  • つくえ:Desk
  • きょうかしょ:Textbook
  • かぜ: Wind
  • なるほど: I see
  • きゅうけい: Rest, Break
  • あまいもの: Sweet food
  • ところで: By the way
  • すごく: Immensely
  • つかれ: Tired
  • こい: Love




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