Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store ep. 4


Another Monday another episode of Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store. Once again this review will have some spoilers for the episode. The vocabulary list is at the bottom, so just scroll down and take a look if you dont want any spoilers.This episode begins with Nii and Matsu dealing with rude customers who want to buy cigarettes. Their rudeness really bothers Nii in particular, until he comes to the realization that the more they smoke the closer they are to death and the closer they are to paying him for a funeral. Which is really morbid but hilarious, that’s one way to get over rude customers.


In the back room Watari, Matsu and the manager (whats his name?) discuss throwing a welcome party for Nii. A surprise party at that, I dont know why they think he would want that since it seems like the complete opposite of his personality. They don’t want it to be a typical surprise party, the manager wants the idea to be left up to him, but all he can think off is hidden camera ideas. Matsu comes up with the idea to have the party in a temple, which is thoughtful but maybe not the place for a party. The ideas get weird from here, like meditating under a waterfall, but Matsu manages to rein it back in. Sadly all his efforts were for nothing because Nii comes in and shuts everything down. I was hoping they would have the party just because it would be funny, I wonder if it happens in the manga.


Next Kaede makes a return with her crazy obsessed love for Nii. After wishing she were a pebble in order to be closer to Nii, she decides that she can’t hold it in anymore and must tell him how she feels. I have no idea how he could not know though. She tells Matsu that she has the best way of doing it. So she makes her purchase and upon receiving the receipt, circles the first Kana of each word spelling out スキデス (I like you), Matsu’s face during this was just the best. In the end Nii takes the receipt and proceeds to crumble it up in her face (harsh), I actually felt bad for her, but she is pretty crazy ha. I’m not sure the effect it has on her though since she skips out the store.


After Matsu and Nii are at the cash register, when Watari seems to be having a problem. I understood Nii when he said he didn’t want to ask what was wrong. Watari’s  money making idea this time is to create a way to… talk to horses. Which he will call Umalingual, the horse version of Bowlingual which is a toy by the way, that translates your dogs barking. The idea is that if he can understand what a horse is saying, he will be able to pick the most confident horse during races. Nii tells him he is wrong by explaining to him that even if a horse sounds confident that doesn’t mean it will win, which is funny just for the fact that all he had to say was no you cannot talk to horses. Nii uses poor Matsu as an example of being confident but failing anyway, poor poor Matsu.


The manager shows up looking like he just got his butt kicked, which leads everyone to worry about him of course. He says that he fell in a ditch but the others refuse to believe that is what happened. Nii comes to the conclusion that he must have murdered someone, and will be taken away soon, he then goes back to work (this guy). Matsu comes up with a dramatic story of how he must have seen a damsel in distress and went to her rescue, but killed the perpetrator by accident. Why do they both go straight to murder jeez. They urge him to turn himself in, but are cut short when the women who was in danger comes into the store to see if you is alright. You see he really did fall into a ditch! The women happens to know karate and protected herself while the manager just watched. When she leaves he admits that he fell when he was trying to look under her skirt as she was kicking butt, there can’t be a lamer reason then that to fall in a ditch *face palm*. Well at least he didn’t lie he really did just fall in a ditch.

Also that extra scene at the end, there’s no way that guy was really selling penguins and fruit files right? seems shady to me!

These episodes seem to start off pretty slow to me, then pick up around midway. Still a funny show though, but since I watch them twice they can really start to drag the second time around. Also I want to see more people, when will the other characters show up?


  • : Meaning
  • がお: Smile
  • きもち: Feeling
  • わらう: To laugh
  • かんがえる: To think
  • しんじる: To believe
  • ばく: Explosion
  • ゆう: Courage
  • さつじん: Murder
  • けいさつ: Police


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