Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store Ep. 5


Another Monday, so onto the next episode of Mr, Nietzche in the convenience store episode 5. In This episode we are finally, I mean finally introduced to a new character Shibata Ken, just four characters working in the store was not enough. This recap/ review will have spoilers for the episode you have been warned ahead of time. After a brief formal introduction they decide to call him Shibaken for short, now its time to show him the inner workings of the store. Watari goes first, showing him the proper way to scoop and taste the soup stock because according to him its the workers responsibility. After scooping up entirely to much food for it to be considered tasting, Matsu makes sure to tell Shiba that he can’t do that. We then move on to Nii, who explains to Shiba the proper way of stacking new produce so that customers take the oldest product. Lastly Matsu takes him to the manager to explain that even when he looks awake, he is actually asleep and not to freak him out haha.

With that the introductions are complete, and Shiba decides this is the perfect time to ask why a 24 year old ( Matsu) and a 29 year old (Watari) are still working at a convenience store. Nii informs him that, that is the one question you do not ask. After we see Matsu dealing with a troublesome customer, Nii gives him the advice that he should snap a pair of chopsticks while pretending they are that person to make himself feel better, is Nii really a monk in training. Matsu does it, but still seems confused after.


Next Shiba, Matsu, and Nii go to take out the trash to find that someone has dumped their trash in front the store. Nii finds the persons phone number in the trash  and tells Shiba to call it. When that doesn’t work he decides that he and Shiba will take the trash back to the person themselves, so vindictive. Matsu calms down the escalation, and shiba mentions that its his first time taking out the trash. From right there I thought this kid has to be incredibly spoiled or really rich to have never done that. They all hear a sound in the dumpster, Shiba excited thinking he will get to see his first rat opens the door to find… Kaede.. in the garbage. Ok Kaede maybe getting a little to crazy for me now, like cringe worthy craziness ha. So this time she wants Nii to throw trash at her, Shiba tries to understand her but can’t (its not your fault Shiba). Nii eventually closes the door on the crazy and we are on to the next scene.


Matsu is disheartened after failing another interview, and Watari decides to help him with his interview technique even though he is also in the same position. This was interesting to watch as it seems as though Japanese interviews go just like American ones. Well that is until he started talking about being ok with a fly on your face and going outside naked. I see why Watari is also without a real job. Nii comes in and actually gives some good advice for once telling Matsu to think about what he wants from a job. That is until Matsu actually does just that, poor guy he has such unrealistic expectations like 120 days of vacation time.


The manager decides to try and push a new custom product in the store again, I guess he forgot about his strawberry daifuku milk. This time its… squid ink chocolate, yeah that’s right squid ink chocolates with basically no chocolate in them 99% squid ink. Think of the fishiest thing you have ever smelled and that is squid ink. It was hilarious watching the actors try desperately not to laugh at the managers description. Needless to say this will not sell just like the milk but the manager ordered 2000 boxes already! Just in time to escape a Rolls Royce pulls up to take Shiba home, I knew he was rich.

I think this episode might be the funniest so far. I felt like the jokes kept coming and I didn’t feel like any of the parts where less funny then others. I’m enjoying the new character Shibaken so far, I think his character was needed to liven up the show a bit. With him there wasn’t much down time between jokes probably because his character is just so genki.


  • バイト: Part time work
  • あたらしい: New
  • さすが: as one would expect
  • おにぎり:Rice ball
  • きゃく:Customer
  • はし:Chopsticks
  • ごみ:Trash
  • りょうしん:Parents
  • ねずみ:Rat
  • える:To disappear
  • たばこ:Cigarette
  • すみ: Squid ink
  • さとる: To comprehend
  • チョコ:Chocolate
  • おどろき: Surprise


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