Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 3



I’m finally back after a long break I know, but I’m still alive and kicking so here we go. In this episode of Tanaka-kun we finally learn who has challenged Tanaka and who Miyano’s been crushing on.The episode starts off with Tanaka and Ohta eating lunch together. Ohta picks out a lunch for him and we learn that Tanaka hates bothersome food, which is basically anything that involves any kind of work. Ohta tries to resist the urge to help him but after watching him utterly fail to eat some fish, he gives in and debones it for him. Ohta is definitely Tanaka’s enabler he needs to learn how to resist.



Tanaka and Ohta take a break outside ( I guess its still lunch? there were no classes in this episode XD) when Ohta brings up the letter that Tanaka found in his locker earlier. He pretends not to know what he’s talking about and on que his challenger arrives. Yay we have a new character Echizen, she challenges Tanaka to a fight and he replies by going to sleep. Apparently Ohta and the newcomer know each other, he calls her Ecchan and she is his next door neighbor not only that but they have known each other since childhood.

Seeing Ohta doesn’t change Ecchans mind though and she still wants to challenge Tanaka to a fight. When asked why she says she has her reasons,  Tanaka then admits defeat because he lacks motivation. Ecchan losing motivation herself from Tanaka’s lack of will tries to figure out something that she can fight the listless Tanaka in. They decide on a game of GO ( a traditional strategy game for two players).


Tanaka loses as expected but he is satisfied because he spent all his turns creating the kanji for white, well done tanaka, well done. Their next match is suppose to be cards, but as tanaka shuffles them he manages to lose all the cards in the wind (skills all day). Ecchan finally realizes that Tanaka is weak, it took her long enough. she tells them that her friend looks up to him so she thought he was awesome but yeah no. Her friend is of course Miyano I figured that out by now, before her showing up. Tanaka explains to Ecchan that she has no reason to worry because Miyano has no ability to be lazy. Ecchan tells Miyano of her victory over Tanaka but she doesn’t believe her because Tanaka is amazing haha. The next day Tanaka is met with another letter of challenge in his locker.


Tanaka leaves his classroom and comes across Miyano running from Ecchan upset. He tries to avoid the situation but is grabbed my Ecchan poor guy. She explains to him that Miyano made her a cookie but it was so cute she couldn’t eat it.He tells her to take a picture but bad girls don;t have cell phones. In the meantime Miyano is complaining to Ohta about the cookie issue and he completely understands her feelings being a lover of cute things himself. Ecchan decides to try and use Tanaka as a shield to talk to Miyano but fails, she then decides to write a letter but fails when she writes it like a challenge.


While complaining to Tanaka on the balcony Ecchan finds out that Miyano likes someone, she starts to feel dejected that tanaka knew and she didn’t and they are suppose to be friends. Miyano who was of course listening the while time shows herself and says the reason she was so upset that Ecchan didn’t eat her cookie is because Ecchan is the person that she likes. She then gives the most epic love confession in anime history, stating that she loves Ecchan the most out of all of mankind (some intense love). They both makeup and all is well, knowing now that Ecchan can’t eat cute things, Miyano decides to make muscular sweets for her instead called Machoco. A cute and happy end to an episode.


  • さかな:Fish
  • たべもの:Food
  • やすむ: to have a break
  • たたかい:Fight
  • ちょうせん:Challenge
  • うさぎ:Rabbit
  • かび:Mold
  • うらやましい: Envious. jealous
  • おこ: to get angry


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