Tanaka-kun is always listless ep.4


In this episode we finally find out what’s up with the sparkly bishoujo,we also continue to watch how Tanaka desperately tries to keep his quiet life from being disturbed. We  start off with Ohta carrying Tanaka (as usual) runong to class, shiraishi appears in front of them and Ohta chucks Tanaka to avoid her. Ohta then explains to Tanaka who she is because he notices Noone. After the why she’s awesome explanation her boy guards appear, but run away after not being able to handle being touched by her when she went to stop them (the power of the bishoujo).


Tanaka and Ohta offer to help make new handouts after destroying the ones she made before in the crash. She tries to tell them no but relents after Tanaka puts a good layer of guilt on her. Together they head to the office to make copies. Inside Tanaka and Ohta are amazed by Shiraishi’s very normal computer skills, how old are these two? After some chit chat and Tanaka daydreaming about being a paper weight. Shiraishi decides it’s a good time for a snack, she takes out a pack of home made macaroons (because all perfect girls make macaroons) and shares it with them. Tanaka compares it to a fancy red  bean paste bun ha!


Tanaka falls asleep because he’s Tanaka and Shiraishi tells them that it’s ok to leave. As soon as the door closes, the truth is revealed! Shiraishi is… an incredibly normal person! Lol I love how a part of her getting comfortable was putting her hair in a ponytail directly on top her head. I think anyone can relate to Shiraishi’s feeling of wanting to fit in, who hasn’t felt that way at one point I their life. After she de-sparkles and gets back to work, Ohta come back looking for Tanaka’s bag XD.  He stares at her then silently picks up the bag and leaves, hilarious.


The next day Shiraishi is terrified that Ohta will tell people about what she thinks is her lame appearance. So she spends the day stalking them around every corner waiting for him to spill the beans. During lunch with Shiraishi lurking in a bush, Tanaka asks Ohta about the day before. Ohta says that he went to get the bag by Shiraishi already deft, he thought she was a completely different person! Ha!


Exhausted from stalking all day ( a tiring activity) Shiraishi reverts to her non sparkly self, thinking that No one will recognize her as she heads home. All goes well until she passes by Tanaka who recognizes her right away. She then confesses her secret to them. Tanaka tells her with his self deprecating wisdom that she is a much better person then, where he spends all his energy trying to do as little as possible. She works hard to better herself and the people around her (yay friendship). Ohta tells her to have more confidence in herself complete with a good Old man slap on the back.

tanaka_kun_ep04_07The next day Shiraishi has her glasses on. Ohta asked Tanaka how he knew it was Shiraishi, he says that he recognized her breast size (face palm). Ohta warns him never to say that to her haha.

I like the message in this episode, to just be yourself. There really isn’t any difference between the two versions of Shiraishi decides hairstyles. She is the same person with the same personality, no reason why people wouldn’t like her. You can’t be sparkly all the time.

Vocabulary :

  • めがみ: Goddess
  • びっくりぎょうてん: Startled
  • いいんかい: Committee
  • やれ: To tear, rip
  • けいさつ:Police
  • パソコン: Personal computer
  • ぼうだん: Bulletproof
  • もんだい: Problem
  • あたたかい: Warm
  • わすれる: To forget
  • まぶしい: Radiant, dazzling


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