Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 6


Sorry for all the massive delays I’ve been rescuing cats lol (no lie) and caring for them. Then I came to a decision that I will talk about a little later when everything is figured out I’m excited and nervous about it. Any who onto episode 6 of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store.This episode kicks off with Nii going up against a customer in an intense game of Go, using change. I don’t know much about Go but it seemed like a desperate match for that one guy, Nii calmly won of course and the customer left with his soap in the end.


In the next scene Shibaken, Matsu and Watari are in the office and it seems Shibaken doesn’t know how to open his onigiri ( rich kid problems). Watari basically asks him if he is actually rich especially since a Rolls Royce picks him up everyday. He denies it though and says that he is actually poor. Apparently his father sells used cars and because he only buys luxury cars to sell his family is buried in loans. Oh and his mother passed away as well, just for good sad story measure. I still don’t believe him though because every poor man knows how to make a cup a ramen, I think it’s a cover story lol.


It’s official I think Kaede has gone completely insane, once you start eating someone’s trash it’s time to get help XD. Luckily a police officer was there to arrest her now, now they just need to actually lock that gate.


Back to Watari, Shiba and Matsu. Watari has a new lottery scheme that he believes is sure fire this time. He has discovered that he has an ability, an ability that let’s him get ready for it… track animals! He wants to train his ability to find money to find lost animals instead, by thinking of them as money.I actually liked this idea, that is until he said he would spend the money on lotto tickets.He was so close to having a sort of good but a little crazy idea instead of completely crazy lol. Nii comes in probably tired of the nonsense and puts it to an end to it.


Matsu goes looking for the manager that he finds asleep in the freezer.They recover him, placing him in the office when his wife comes in, I guess someone called her? She’s from Okinawa and she really wants you to know.I thought it was funny how his wife was apologizing to the workers, while smacking him the poor guy. It became a little abusive though when she started to make him apologize for having a huge face. The funniest part was when she insulted Nii, then started hitting on him I DIED. Plus her saying your cool over and over while trying to make it cuter each time it was to much for me, the poor manager.

This episode seemed short to me maybe because of the new character and the skits seeming to go by faster, I don’t know. I also liked that the episode wasn’t completely focused on Nii, I feel like his character could be funnier. I find myself looking forward to the other characters more, maybe it will pick up for him as it goes.

Vocabulary :

  • びんぼ: Poor
  • かりいれ: Debt
  • あんしん: Relief, peace of mind
  • まいご: Lost
  • とり: Bird
  • べんり: Convenient
  • どうぶつ: Animal
  • かんかく: Sense, intuition
  • とんで: Flying, leaping


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