Tanaka-Kun is always listless ep. 5


On to episode 5 of Tanaka kun is always listless. The first half of this episode focuses on Tanaka’s day followed by Shiraishi. Today Tanaka has to go to the supermarket and he asks Ohta to accompany him. He says sure which isn’t surprising, he even offers to carry the groceries  (he spoils Tanaka to much). Before they go he needs to remember what it was that he needed to buy,  his sister told him but he forgot. Ohta is surprised that Tanaka has a sister, wait though how did they not know each other has a sister? Aren’t they best friends. I just assumed they were friends for year’s.


Since Tanaka says he and his sister are alike, Ohta begins to worry for their well being. Tanaka assures him that she is the reliable one. They reach the supermarket and try to figure out what it is Tanaka was suppose to buy. I wonder why Tanaka doesn’t just text his sister or call, she must be put of school too? Anyway Ohta is on the case with recommendations on everything he might need, to the amazement of all the shopping mom’s. My favorite is the one who said she wants one for her family  (Ohta) like she just needs to catch one.


Tanaka sets a second reminder for himself but doesn’t write the whole thing down just the first syllable ‘pa’. So yeah they are still screwed. Tanaka being lazy doesn’t want to think so he just buys everything that starts with ‘pa’. Outside Ohta sees a pancake truck parked next to the supermarket, and comes to the realization that this must be what she wanted. He knew she wouldn’t send her unreliable brother to get groceries. Watching Tanaka walk away makes Ohta feel like a parent whose child finally accomplished something on their own.

The next day Ohta sees Tanaka and asks him how it went with his sister. They were both wrong haha she wanted pipe cleaner, so all those groceries where for no reason. They were half right with the pancakes but she wanted them from the place on tv not the supermarket. I feel bad for Tanaka  but I would be frustrated if he were my brother too.


Now we are on to Shiraishi, who has obviously fallen for Tanaka. He is the only one who saw the true her after all ( well Ohta too but hey). She thinks she shouldn’t be in love because she is a former dweeb. I like that the show didn’t stretch that out and she realized it right away (the in love with him part).


She confesses to her friends that she likes someone, and they say they will support her. She decides to take the initiative and try to get closer to Tanaka. She watches how Ohta is with him and comes to the conclusion that she needs to do weight training, so she can carry him! That made me like her character more. She doesn’t think he would let a stranger carry him and opts for running into him instead.


Ohta catches her hiding in a corner and she asks him if there is anyone that Tanaka likes, he says no. Shiraishi tells him that she will do her best. Ohta is such a good dad as he roots for her in his mind.  I’m rooting for Shiraishi too.


Shiraishi sees Tanaka with Milano and feels that she’ll never be able to talk to him in the same way. She’ll find out Miyano only has eyes for one person. Shiraishi runs away to hide by the balcony, but Miyano finds her and drags her back to Tanaka. I’m thinking that she is going to say to Shiraishi to tell him your true feelings or something, NOPE! Miyano thinks Shiraishi wants to be an apprentice too.


Shiraishi tells the two of them that Miyano is wrong, what she really wants is to be Tanaka’s friend (aw so cute). Tanaka thought they were already friends (this show is so simple, yet heartwarming). They all exchange mail addresses and Shiraishi is happy, to having made two friends in the end. The text message that Miyano sends Shiraishi at the end is just the best. She totally knows, I love Miyano.


  • わすれる: To forget
  • めずらしい: Unusual
  • かいもの: Shopping
  • にんげん: Human being
  • いそぎ: Hurry
  • ほこらしい: Arrogant
  • わるい: Bad
  • きぶん: Feeling
  • かに: Crab
  • おんぶ: carry on one’s back (piggyback)
  • さがい: Fraud

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