Mr nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 7


Onto episode 7 of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store. This episode begins with Matsu finally getting a real job yatta! He explains to the crew in the office, that finally an interview went smoothly. They are all excited and ready to celebrate, when Watari asks him what the place is called and he says dark cloud sales. During his interview the president kept subtracting his sleep hours for more work hours. They explain to him that the company is known for overworking their employees . Nii tells him to hang in there for 3 years so he’ll be a monk by the time he dies, so cold.


Flash forward two weeks later, Matsu is hard at work at his new job. He is working hard trying  to make it even though he knows the company is just using him ( I feel sorry for him). After only two months the company disbands and Matsu is out of work. He goes back to the store to beg for his old job back. When he is immediately pounced on by his coworkers to start right away, because now they have to much business.


The manager hires another new employee named Tachizaki  Moe (yes moe is on her name). After Watari literally falls for her, Nii is assigned to show her the ropes. All is going well until crazy Kaede appears staring at them through the window. Apparently women need to stay 3 meters away from Nii at all times. She verbally assaults Matsu because I don’t know and continues her window creep.

Mr_Nietzsche_ep7_04Kaede hides in the bathroom ( how the hell did she get in there with no one seeing?) To scare Tachizaki and proceeds to tell her that Nii is gay. Not only is he gay but he has.. love slaves ( yes this girl has lost me know) everyone is his love slave. I don’t know why Nii doesn’t just say I don’t like you to this girl by now, just something like monks dont have girl friends. I mean he’s so blunt with everyone else.


Anyway it doesn’t work because Tachizaki is reliefed because now that she thinks he’s gay, she can trust in him more.So since that failed she tries again. This time she tells her that she should quit, because the store is haunted with poltergeists and evil newborn babies that follow you home. Tachizaki runs out and heads to the manager wanting to quit because of the ghost lady. Then Kaede appears acting like the grudge (oh boy so crazy) Noone is scared though except for Tachizaki. Kaede does a pop dance then runs away (ok that was funny).


Matsu is chit chating with Shibaken and asks him if he lives near by , he says no. Matsu explains that he has a one bedroom apartment near by, which makes him laugh?? (Yeah he’s rich) when he thinks he’s caught he puts on a sad face and tries say that’s why there in debt, yeah ok sure. I love how Matsu was like yeah I’m pretty sure he’s super rich.


Watari comes in on his day off just to go have Tachizaki check him out, now we have two creepers. Matsu tells him to go home and he tells Tachizaki to keep his snacks. I guess it’s the next night and Matsu is talking to that guy who stabbed the bottle ( what was his name?). He asks him if the ticket give away is still going, he says no and that he made a mistake earlier. A father and daughter took a prize ticket and he makes it sound like he let them keep it, but then tells Matsu that nope he didn’t. I would tell the father no too though a weeks worth of snacks that’s to big a mistake. Nii sees the father and let’s him have his purchase for free because he has a heart after all.
This episode was meh to me, mainly because I just don’t think I like Kaede  anymore. The obsession is just to much for me and that’s all that her character is. Maybe with Tachizaki it will be more interesting, but who am I kidding there’s one 3 episodes left.

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