Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 6



This episode begins with Ohta looking out a window watching the rain, he turns around to see Tanaka standing there soaking wet. You see Tanaka had an umbrella but believed he could make it without using it, and walked in the pouring rain while having one. While drying off he complains to Ohta about how much he dislikes umbrellas. Ohta tries to get him to remember a time when umbrellas were there for him, but all he can think of is the time when used one to lean on.


Shiraishi is in the stairwell thinking about how nice it would be to share an umbrella with Tanaka. She looks down to find him standing in the middle of the school yard in the rain, getting soaking wet again. Back in the class he tells Ohta and Shiraishi that he was trying to evolve and he thought it would happen if he just stood in the rain long enough. Shiraishi convinces him with the power of common sense, that it would be better for him to just use an umbrella.


They have a bit of a dilemma when someone else takes Tanaka’s umbrella home with them by mistake.  On the way home Shiraishi shares hers with Tanaka, its what she wanted but to much for her to handle. She tells him no when he asks if he can move closer, so Tanaka is left with one completely wet shoulder. The next day Tanaka is soaking wet again this time he didn’t use an umbrella because he thought he could dodge the rain drops instead. It was to high level for him though, no one told him you need to be at least level 50 to do such a thing.


The day after Tanaka is sick which is of no surprise to anyone. Ohta decides to keep a closer eye on Tanaka because he is a low energy person as it is, sick could be much worse. After Tanaka has a coughing fit they decide it would be best for him not to talk and write down what it is he wants to say. It was interesting to see Ohta stop writing to look up the correct kanji, it made me feel better about having to do it myself. Tanaka forgets his textbook and has to ask Echizen to borrow hers. Instead of asking her however, he asks her to change her surname to Tanaka or Ohta because he is to lazy to write her name, he doesn’t say that part to her though. She rejects him and he goes back to class.


The next day Echizen thinks that Tanaka and Ohta are both interested in her because of what Tanaka asked her. When she was standing by the door with the shoujo anime girl eyes I died, I love how they couldn’t recognize her. She runs away to the staircase they all go to and compares the two of them in her head, she ends up punching them both in her mind though. Miyano shows up just in time to stop her from losing her mind, She starts thinking that Tanaka would be a better choice because of Miyano. I really hope this show doesn’t turn into a harem, just putting that out there. Plus Ohta is most obviously the better choice, come on Tanaka’s goal in life is to be lazy.  Ohta shows up to see whats wrong with Echizen. She falls trying to escape and he picks her up which freaks her out causing her to fall flat on her face.


The truth comes out that the only reason Tanaka asked her to change her name, was because he was to lazy to write hers. I’m so surprised that she didn’t punch him, I was waiting for an uppercut. They both decide to call her Ecchan like Miyano so they don’t have to worry about writing her name. That’s the end of this episode, so far I would describe the show as peaceful happiness with a little bit of silliness. I just really hope that it doesn’t turn into a harem with everyone into Tanaka. I’m just not into those type’s of shows, where every girl falls for the most mundane guy because whatever. Anyway I’m liking this show far though, I hope we get to meet the little sisters soon. I’m curious as to what their personalities are like.


  • : Rain
  • むしあつい: Humid
  • : Umbrella
  • かぜ: Cold
  • たしかに: Surely
  • かしてあげる: To lend
  • だるい: Tired
  • ねむい: Sleepy




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