Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 8


Only 3 episodes left and on with it I go. This episode starts out with everyone minus the manager going through a box of lost items. They come across a giant teddy bear and Nii thinks it would be a good idea to put it someplace where someone can find it. So he hangs it from the ceiling with a noose..yeah disturbing.


Kaede comes back to the store after her crazy grudge out burst. Moe chan tells her that she is not allowed to date, so she has no need to worry about her and Nii. She says she’s not in an idol group but she probably is, with the way this show is. Kaede decides from now on its time to go all out on Nii (like she wasn’t already).


Kaede suspiciously leaves with out any ruckus. Matsu goes to where she was standing next to the copier to see what she was up to, he finds a letter with instructions for him to follow. He sees Kaede glaring at him through the window and follows it out of fear. When Nii comes over Matsu smacks the start on the copier and images of a kaede confessing to Nii come shooting out. However Nii doesn’t see it because he has a blind fold on ! And then he walks away and tells Moe chan to cut up the paper and to use it for notes so harsh. Kaede needs to just come out and say it or stop.


Later everyone is in the back office talking about oden and how sales have increased due to the cold weather and how it’s hard to keep up. Nii thinks they should stop. They start talking about silly ways to sell Oden faster, like an xray machine so people don’t hide extra sides. This really pisses Nii of because he really hates selling oden, like he hates it. The rest of this conversation gets hard  to explain because its so random. Just know that the manager is really really funny here. I love how all of them even Nii’s actor can barely hold back their laughter.


Next we get to see a touching moment between Matsu and a long time customer. The same older gentleman comes to the store at the same time each day, and makes the same purchase. One day the man comes in when it’s pouring rain and Matsu gives him a vitamin drink for free so he doesn’t get sink. The older man returns the favor when he sees that Matsu is sick. He makes the same purchase as usual then adds cough drops and medicine which he gives to Matsu. This was nice and heartwarming I’m glad just to see someone being nice to Matsu for a change.

Later Watari tries to tell Matsu about his humble dream of becoming a millionaire and marrying Moe chan, but is interrupted by Nii sleep talking. Nii is having a ridiculously epic dream, complete with plot and characters. When Shibaken comes and says he done, Nii just snaps up and goes back to work.

This episode was so much better to me then the last one. The last one needed more of the manager, this show is at its best when it’s just funny.

P.S there’s a bonus scene after the credits.


  • コンビニ: Convenience store
  • かいもの: Shopping
  • バイト: part time work
  • せいふく: Uniform
  • きもち: Feeling


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