Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 9


We’re  onto episode 9 only one left on Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store. All the workers are in the back room, when Shibaken comes in with all the bentos that are about to expire. Watari being the most senior employee gets first pick of the bentos, of course he takes them all only leaving one for each of them. Nii decides not to eat because eating late has to many negative health effects, which ruins it for everyone.


A bunch of customers come In Really happy about all the stuff their buying, saying that they’re helping store. Nii tells them that his paycheck isn’t going to increase and that they’re not even buying that much stuff. Next Moe chan starts chopping things to make them work, Shibaken tries to get her to chop Matsu so he can find a job but she can’t do it.


Matsu is sick and goes to the hospital for treatment, they give him medicine that has the side effect of making you act erratically. What the heck kind of hospital is that. 5 days later Watari, Shibaken and Moe chan all have the flu, and probably all have to take that crazy medicine. Nii calls Matsu a bio-terrorist for spreading his germs. I was surprised they did do more with this.


Kaede comes in with all kinds of medicine in case Nii catches the flu, she finally gets rejected to her face. She just now is realizing that Nii doesn’t like her.  Next Watari  finds out that Moe chan is actually an idol, but shes an underground idol. She makes them promise not to tell the manager her secret, I’m not sure why shes not exactly famous. Shibaken continuously yells sing at her and she does..and it is BAD. I love their reaction to her terrible singing, yes she will be staying underground for awhile.


After  a rude customer makes some off handed remarks about working a part time job after college. Watari, Nii, and Matsu end up talking about college entrance exams in the back room. They ask Nii if his exam was different since he wants to be a Buddhist monk. He tells them no but there was a murder at the school during testing, what? I thought they were going to go more into that but they left it there. Later when Shibaken is leaving, Matsu gives him a coupon and for sure this kid is filthy freaking rich, he pulls out a Gucci wallet filled with cash to put the coupon in.


We are back in the back room and yay the manager is back (he needs to just stay there). Hes trying to tell Matsu about a movie but he can’t remember any of the important details, also he saw this movie only this morning. Sigh man its just so hard to describe his rants in a way that will make you understand just how funny they are. He does one of those saying random bits and pieces of the movie, but nothing that will actually help you figure out what he watched. Know that it was so funny that Nii’s actor had to contain his laughter. It ends with Nii saying that he saw that movie too.


  • おかしい: Strange
  • かぜ: Cold
  • くすり: Medicine
  • ごと:Work
  • せい: Government



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