Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 10


We are onto the last episode of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store yatta!  After this I’m sure what I’ll watch next. Anyone have a recommendation for a funny drama? I guess till then my Mondays will be empty.


In this episode the store has been chosen as the one that the president will visit. The manager is worried that the store will close because they don’t make much in sales. The manager is 50 so if the store closes he feel as though it’s all over for him. I was dying when he wiped his spit on Shibaken and just kept on talking. He gets mad when everyone starts looking for a new job on their phones. I don’t blame them nothing about their job seems particularly fun. The manager has a new product that he think will be a hit seller, its a rice sandwich bun…with that they keep looking for work on their phones.

Mr_Nietzsche_ep10_03The manager is starting to lose his mind trying to think of ways to improve the store. Shibaken jokes that it would be a good idea to have Moe chan perform, Watari takes him seriously. He thinks that all her fans would show up and be good business for the store, the manager thinks so too. Two days later the set up a stage inside the store for Moe chan to perform, except there’s a problem. Moe chan is a terrible singer and only five people show up to hear her perform. Afterwards she has a bit of a mental breakdown, blaming her failure on guys only liking ugly girls that they think they have a chance with.


Matsu convinces Nii to avenge Moe chans failure, since they have a stage already and he is in a band. Nii says he will only do it if Matsu does it with him. Another 2 days later the day comes for them to perform and they actually have a full house. I was surprised that the both of them can actually sing, I didn’t expect this episode to be so musical.


All is going well until Kaede shows up with her crazy self, threatening the audience members with chloroform for being so close to Nii. Nii confesses to her, which catches her of guard. She then collapes and then Nii uses the chloroform on her, then places her in the corner covered with a piece of cardboard. Well she finally got what she wanted sort of, she’ll be back. After they continue with the performance, like nothing happened.


Its the big day they are having another concert when the president shows up for the inspection. He is touched by the concert and thanks the manager for reminding him of how he used to be. Then he addresses Shibaken as his son, yup his son he was there to learn more about the store for when he takes over. He didn’t want them to treat him differently, so he never told them. He didn’t have to lie about being poor though, that was just extra.

After the inspection things go back to normal, Matsu still can’t find a job. and Nii is his same blunt self. Moe chan is now an actress after Shibaken’s suggestion, and Shibaken left since he didn’t have to work anyway i guess. I think it would have been cool if at the end shibaken offered Matsu a job or something since he is going to take over. He knows Matsu is really good at customer service.

The show had some really funny moments, but I feel like for the most part it was just ok.  I wish that there was much more of the manager throughout the show and I really wish we learned more about Nii. I feel like Nii’s character could have been a lot funnier then it was, like the scene when he was dreaming for instance.


  • もんだい: Problem
  • しょ: Location
  • みせ: Store
  • あいする: To love


2 thoughts on “Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 10

  1. I love this show so much, it kinda feeds my mind in what actually happens in the conbini across my old dorm lol. I didn’t think I would find someone who likes this show just as much as me.


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