Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 7


In this episode,  it’s valentines day and everyone is excited except for Tanaka. The episode starts of with Tanaka complaining to Ohta about the cold weather. He tells Ohta that he wishes he could live at school, so he could skip dealing with the weather. When Ohta asks him why not just stay home, he says that he could at least say he made the effort to show up while avoiding the cold if he lived at school. Side-note: Do Japanese bathrooms not have paper why did Tanaka walk all the way to Ohta to dry his hands?


Tanaka goes to his desk and unzips his bag to find a small neatly packaged box of chocolates with his name on it, much to his despair. You see Tanaka was voted most likely not to give anything back on white day in junior high school. Ohta tells Tanaka that now is his chance to redeem himself. Looking closer at the package Tanaka finds a note with a message on it saying that the person is watching him all the time, creepy right.


As the day continues the two of them try to figure out who could have given Tanaka the chocolates. The first thought is obviously Miyano but she completely forgot about the two of them all together, only thinking of Ecchan. Plus she doesn’t see them as men more like deities. The two of them sit outside and Tanaka wonders if its a prank, Ohta tells him to at least try the chocolate first.


A conversation starts about girls and Ohta asks Tanaka if he has ever thought of having a girlfriend. He replies that he has the necessary inappropriate curiosity but doesn’t want to put in the work. After eating a chocolate Ohta uses his inner sweets database to pin the sensation of eating the chocolates to shiraishi’s macaroons. They go to find her, but she completely forgot it was valentines day having been a loner for so long. Having no idea where the chocolates came from, Tanaka is now worried about what he may have eaten.


While walking home the two of them discover a recording device in Tanaka’s bag. Right then Tanaka’s younger sister shows up, who Ohta thinks is a doppelganger at first. She tells them that the device is hers and it got mixed up in his things. She invites Ohta over and Tanaka agrees, so that now Ohta can carry him home like a taxi.


They reach the house and Ohta observes the two of them at home. Tanaka is still completely lazy and his sister is the reliable one taking care of all the house hold chores, yet the two of them have the same demeanor. Ohta tells Tanaka’s sister of all the ways he helps him at school, hoping to let her know that her brother is ok when shes not there. To his surprise she tells him to stop helping him (maybe because he’s enabling him?). Tanaka gets up and offers Ohta some the chocolates to have with his bitter coffee, his sister asks if Ohta had any already and when he says yes she tells him to go home. So yeah she made him the chocolate.

As Tanaka walks Ohta to the train station he realizes that it was his younger sister who made him the chocolate. Except he thinks that they were for a boy she likes and he was given the left overs, but actually she just made them for him because she is so close to her brother. Another cute and light hearted episode, I always look forward to this show. I want to meet Ohta’s younger sister now, I wonder if she is the unreliable one in his family.


  • さむい: cold weather
  • へん: odd, strange
  • がっこう: school
  • ぜつぼう: despair
  • けん: incident



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