Tanaka-kun is always listless ep 10


It’s summer time for Tanaka and Ohta which means it’s time for the swimming episode. Tanaka and Ohta are by the pool about to go in when Tanaka decides that this is the perfect time to tell Ohta that he can’t swim ( ha better late then never).  He has his trusty inner tube with him so he tells Ohta not to worry. When he has the idea of using Ohta as a float he quickly gets shut down XD.


After attempting to stretch and failing Tanaka decides it’s time to get into the water. Once in the water some little kids start harassing Tanaka about using an inner tube at his age. They decide to take his float from him even though they know that he can’t swim (not cool at all). Ohta shows up just in time to save the day, and tells off the bad little kids. Seriously don’t steal a float, especially from someone who can’t swim attempted murder much.


After scaring the little kids with his naturally gangster like face, Ohta sits on the side with the children. Tanaka looks at his now deflated float, still wanting to stay in the water he lays back and discovers that he can float naturally. The same girl who worked at Wc Donalds is also the life guard and she takes notice of the two of them again. I wonder if shes going to end up being important. Tanaka ends up teaching the kids and Ohta how to be pro floaters as well. After the two them decide to call it a day. The next day they run into the two little boys again, who tell them that the listless floating Tanaka taught is popular at their school now. Making Tanaka wonder if he did the right thing.


Now in school Miyano shows up (I’ve missed her character) demanding for guidance on how to grow 10 cm in 5 days, if only if we’re so simple. She is going to the fire works festival with Echizen and wants to be able to look sexy in a yukata too (aw short girls can be sexy too). Notice how Tanaka and Ohta’s inner mind view of Echizen were so different. Why was Ohta’s so sexy?! I ship it !


Tanaka gives Miyano some terrible advice, telling her to not go and stay home instead so she wont have to wear a yukata. Ohta the good father that he is tell her, to look for something that would look good regardless of her height. She invites them to go with to a yukata shop after school. Shiraishi shows up and Miyano invites her too, probably thinking she would like to hang out with Tanaka.


They make it to the shop and inside Shiraishi is looking at the men’s yukata, thinking that Tanaka would look good in it. Miyano spots her and sees an opening she invites Miyano, Tanaka and Ohta to join her and Echizen at the festival. Sadly Shiraishi already has plans, come on girl at least ask the guy you like first jeez. They move on and Miyano and Shiraishi both try in yukatas. Shiraishi goes first with the yukata look fine on her of course, Tanaka says it look good on her. Next is Miyano who doesn’t have the same luck, with her still being way to Short for even the smallest size. Seeing how downtrodden she was after the negate experience, shiraishi comes to Miyano rescue offering to make a yukata for her. Aw the friendship in this show is so strong.


At the festival Miyano meets up with Tanaka and Ohta and looks adorable in her custom made yukata! Echizen shows up and is surprised to see Ohta and Tanaka but lets them stay because Miyano look so cute. Echizen thinks that Ohta looks strong in his yukata ! and gets embarrassed when he compliments her?! hmm  is something happening here?! Everyone gathers around to see the fireworks and poor Miyano can’t see because shes too short.


  • さむい: cold
  • ふく: clothes
  • あつい: hot
  • プール: swimming pool
  • およぐ: to swim
  • : meaning
  • すごい: amazing


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