Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 11


I’m finally back after a long hiatus, I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time for anything. I am finally down to the last two episodes of Tanaka kun, now that I have time I can finally finish it! In this episode It’s time for the school cultural festival and everyone but Tanaka is excited. His plan is to completely hide his presence in class so he’s not picked for anything. However his tactic backfires and he ends up with the job nobody else wants, the ghost for their classes haunted house putting him front and center. What he should have done is tried to get an easy job, the hard jobs are always what are left in the end, but now we get to watch Tanaka try his best to sleep through all of it.


Miyano, Katou, Shimura (their names are finally said) Ohta and Tanaka were given the job of being the ghosts and monsters for the haunted house. Tanaka once again tries to hide his presence to avoid participating with the rest of the group, however it backfires again and leads everyone to agreeing that he would be the ideal ghost. Ohta explains to Tanaka like the good dad that he is, that it could be much worse and that he should do his part to help out, which convinces Tanaka to try his best (especially since he just has to stand there).


They place him in a box and tell him too jump out when people walk by, but instead he ends up making them feel guilty because he doesn’t have the energy to scare them. The group decides that it would be best to just to put him in a corner and have him sit there, while one of them shines a light as people walk by. Next its Ohta’s turn to figure out what he’s good at. He tries to join the others in punching their hands through an old door to scare people as they walk by, but he is way to tall making his hands fall out of the normal persons range of view. He ends up as the main attraction of the final scene, with the job of chasing people out as they reach the end.


As the time approaches for the haunted house to open Ohta decides now is the perfect time to tell everyone that he is scared of ghosts and the haunted house. Miyano comes to his rescue and tells everyone that she will take care of it for him. The haunted house opens with Miyano replacing Ohta as a demon cat girl, but in the end she makes people laugh instead of run away scared. Everyone is happy with how things turned out, and their twist on a haunted house is popular. Ohta became a receptionist with Shiraishi and Tanaka fell asleep at his attraction and is voted the scariest.


It’s time for everyone to take a break from the festivities. Tanaka decides to find a quiet place to rest (some more), while still in costume. While looking around he runs into Echizen who is part of a maid cafe. He continues on from her wondering why she’s a Yankee and gets completely lost in his own school (that takes skill). Ohta is sent off to save him from himself but is stalled by all the different sweet stands, each of which he must have a taste. When he finally tracks him down, he passes out from the sight of Tanaka slowly emerging from a box dressed as a ghost.


Tanaka gets out of the box, sits next to him and falls asleep! By the time Kimura and Katou find them the day is over and now there is a rumor of a ghost that roams the halls. This was another fun episode, I remember why I liked this show it’s cute and heartwarming. I’m sad that I’m at the end of it now, maybe I should pick up the manga if it has one.


  • けはい: Presence
  • ぶんかさい: Cultural festival
  • おべんと: Japanese lunch box
  • こわい: Scary
  • しごと: Work
  • かんじ: Feeling
  • おばけ: Monster, ghost
  • たのしい: Enjoyable, fun




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