Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 10


We are onto the last episode of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store yatta!  After this I’m sure what I’ll watch next. Anyone have a recommendation for a funny drama? I guess till then my Mondays will be empty.


In this episode the store has been chosen as the one that the president will visit. The manager is worried that the store will close because they don’t make much in sales. The manager is 50 so if the store closes he feel as though it’s all over for him. I was dying when he wiped his spit on Shibaken and just kept on talking. He gets mad when everyone starts looking for a new job on their phones. I don’t blame them nothing about their job seems particularly fun. The manager has a new product that he think will be a hit seller, its a rice sandwich bun…with that they keep looking for work on their phones. Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 9


We’re  onto episode 9 only one left on Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store. All the workers are in the back room, when Shibaken comes in with all the bentos that are about to expire. Watari being the most senior employee gets first pick of the bentos, of course he takes them all only leaving one for each of them. Nii decides not to eat because eating late has to many negative health effects, which ruins it for everyone. Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 8


Only 3 episodes left and on with it I go. This episode starts out with everyone minus the manager going through a box of lost items. They come across a giant teddy bear and Nii thinks it would be a good idea to put it someplace where someone can find it. So he hangs it from the ceiling with a noose..yeah disturbing. Continue reading

Mr nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 7


Onto episode 7 of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store. This episode begins with Matsu finally getting a real job yatta! He explains to the crew in the office, that finally an interview went smoothly. They are all excited and ready to celebrate, when Watari asks him what the place is called and he says dark cloud sales. During his interview the president kept subtracting his sleep hours for more work hours. They explain to him that the company is known for overworking their employees . Nii tells him to hang in there for 3 years so he’ll be a monk by the time he dies, so cold. Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 6


Sorry for all the massive delays I’ve been rescuing cats lol (no lie) and caring for them. Then I came to a decision that I will talk about a little later when everything is figured out I’m excited and nervous about it. Any who onto episode 6 of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store.This episode kicks off with Nii going up against a customer in an intense game of Go, using change. I don’t know much about Go but it seemed like a desperate match for that one guy, Nii calmly won of course and the customer left with his soap in the end. Continue reading

Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store Ep. 5


Another Monday, so onto the next episode of Mr, Nietzche in the convenience store episode 5. In This episode we are finally, I mean finally introduced to a new character Shibata Ken, just four characters working in the store was not enough. This recap/ review will have spoilers for the episode you have been warned ahead of time. After a brief formal introduction they decide to call him Shibaken for short, now its time to show him the inner workings of the store. Watari goes first, showing him the proper way to scoop and taste the soup stock because according to him its the workers responsibility. After scooping up entirely to much food for it to be considered tasting, Matsu makes sure to tell Shiba that he can’t do that. We then move on to Nii, who explains to Shiba the proper way of stacking new produce so that customers take the oldest product. Lastly Matsu takes him to the manager to explain that even when he looks awake, he is actually asleep and not to freak him out haha. Continue reading

Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store ep. 4


Another Monday another episode of Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store. Once again this review will have some spoilers for the episode. The vocabulary list is at the bottom, so just scroll down and take a look if you dont want any spoilers.This episode begins with Nii and Matsu dealing with rude customers who want to buy cigarettes. Their rudeness really bothers Nii in particular, until he comes to the realization that the more they smoke the closer they are to death and the closer they are to paying him for a funeral. Which is really morbid but hilarious, that’s one way to get over rude customers. Continue reading

Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store! ep.1


After being sick for a whole week and making sure my mom had an awesome mothers day, I finally had the time to watch Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store! Yay me *claps for self* This TV drama is an adaptation of a popular shojo manga comedy series of the same name, I’ve never read it before so this series is completely new to me. The show centers around two convenience store employees, Matsukoma and Nii, who work the night shift. Matsukoma is a college graduate who has been looking for work for 2 years, and Nii is a Buddism major still in school.

The way that I decided to watch the series is first without any subtitles on, then again with the subtitles in order to catch everything that I missed. I do this to see how much I can understand on my own, and increase my listening comprehension. I also make notes of new words in a notebook as I watch. I am watching the series on crunchyroll which allows you to turn off the subtitles by right-clicking and selecting no subtitles. At the end of this post I will place the list of vocab words that I made from the show.

Continue reading

New Series! J dramas!


Hi, all! I’ve decided to start a series about J dramas, and  how I use them to help me learn. I plan to pick a series and review each episode as well as list what new things I learned while watching. I want it to just be a fun series where you can come read a funny review and learn some new vocabulary words, maybe some different sentence structures. Continue reading