Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 11


I’m finally back after a long hiatus, I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time for anything. I am finally down to the last two episodes of Tanaka kun, now that I have time I can finally finish it! In this episode It’s time for the school cultural festival and everyone but Tanaka is excited. His plan is to completely hide his presence in class so he’s not picked for anything. However his tactic backfires and he ends up with the job nobody else wants, the ghost for their classes haunted house putting him front and center. What he should have done is tried to get an easy job, the hard jobs are always what are left in the end, but now we get to watch Tanaka try his best to sleep through all of it.

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Tanaka-kun is always listless ep 10


It’s summer time for Tanaka and Ohta which means it’s time for the swimming episode. Tanaka and Ohta are by the pool about to go in when Tanaka decides that this is the perfect time to tell Ohta that he can’t swim ( ha better late then never).  He has his trusty inner tube with him so he tells Ohta not to worry. When he has the idea of using Ohta as a float he quickly gets shut down XD.


After attempting to stretch and failing Tanaka decides it’s time to get into the water. Once in the water some little kids start harassing Tanaka about using an inner tube at his age. They decide to take his float from him even though they know that he can’t swim (not cool at all). Ohta shows up just in time to save the day, and tells off the bad little kids. Seriously don’t steal a float, especially from someone who can’t swim attempted murder much. Continue reading

Tanaka-kun is always listless ep.9


The episode starts of with Tanaka and Ohta standing in front of a Wc Donalds (McDonalds in case it wasn’t obvious). Ohta really wants to try their new limited edition strawberry sundae, however Tanaka doesn’t like the fast food restaurant atmosphere and is worried he’ll feel to much pressure. All that changes though when he sees that you get a mini toy cleaner with a happy meal, I understand that temptation very well.

tanaka_kun_ep09_02Inside the Wc Donalds Tanaka makes his order but is disappointed when they don’t have the toy he wants and only orders a milk shake instead. Sensing how giving Tanaka a milk shake to carry could go wrong, the female cashier decides to bring the drink to his table instead. That’s a really nice Mc Donalds, mine isn’t bring you anything. Continue reading

Tanaka-kun is always listless ep.8


Hey all I’m back after a short hiatus. I’ll explain more about that in another post, any who onto Tanaka-kun. In this episode Tanaka has to survive school without the help of Ohta, sounds impossible right that’s because it kind of is lol. Ohta is absent from class and Tanaka is given the task of bringing a worksheet to his house. When he leaves the classroom and see’s Echizen, he asks her  to do it instead since she lives next door to him. Which is not a bad idea but still he’s his friend, I was happy when she headbutted him after that. Seriously he carries you to school everyday and back home, you can at least bring him his worksheet haha. Continue reading

Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 7


In this episode,  it’s valentines day and everyone is excited except for Tanaka. The episode starts of with Tanaka complaining to Ohta about the cold weather. He tells Ohta that he wishes he could live at school, so he could skip dealing with the weather. When Ohta asks him why not just stay home, he says that he could at least say he made the effort to show up while avoiding the cold if he lived at school. Side-note: Do Japanese bathrooms not have paper why did Tanaka walk all the way to Ohta to dry his hands? Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 10


We are onto the last episode of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store yatta!  After this I’m sure what I’ll watch next. Anyone have a recommendation for a funny drama? I guess till then my Mondays will be empty.


In this episode the store has been chosen as the one that the president will visit. The manager is worried that the store will close because they don’t make much in sales. The manager is 50 so if the store closes he feel as though it’s all over for him. I was dying when he wiped his spit on Shibaken and just kept on talking. He gets mad when everyone starts looking for a new job on their phones. I don’t blame them nothing about their job seems particularly fun. The manager has a new product that he think will be a hit seller, its a rice sandwich bun…with that they keep looking for work on their phones. Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 9


We’re  onto episode 9 only one left on Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store. All the workers are in the back room, when Shibaken comes in with all the bentos that are about to expire. Watari being the most senior employee gets first pick of the bentos, of course he takes them all only leaving one for each of them. Nii decides not to eat because eating late has to many negative health effects, which ruins it for everyone. Continue reading

Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 8


Only 3 episodes left and on with it I go. This episode starts out with everyone minus the manager going through a box of lost items. They come across a giant teddy bear and Nii thinks it would be a good idea to put it someplace where someone can find it. So he hangs it from the ceiling with a noose..yeah disturbing. Continue reading

Tanaka-kun is always listless ep. 6



This episode begins with Ohta looking out a window watching the rain, he turns around to see Tanaka standing there soaking wet. You see Tanaka had an umbrella but believed he could make it without using it, and walked in the pouring rain while having one. While drying off he complains to Ohta about how much he dislikes umbrellas. Ohta tries to get him to remember a time when umbrellas were there for him, but all he can think of is the time when used one to lean on. Continue reading

Mr nietzsche in the convenience store ep. 7


Onto episode 7 of Mr Nietzsche in the convenience store. This episode begins with Matsu finally getting a real job yatta! He explains to the crew in the office, that finally an interview went smoothly. They are all excited and ready to celebrate, when Watari asks him what the place is called and he says dark cloud sales. During his interview the president kept subtracting his sleep hours for more work hours. They explain to him that the company is known for overworking their employees . Nii tells him to hang in there for 3 years so he’ll be a monk by the time he dies, so cold. Continue reading