New series: Anime Reviews

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Hey there! starting every Saturday I will be posting Anime reviews, they will be done the same way I do drama reviews. I will  pick a series that I think is easy to understand, talk about each episode, and create a vocabulary list of words you should know to better understand each episode. The series will be slice of life heavy, as that’s what I’ve been watching the most of these days, and I think they have lots of good dialog to learn from. I hope that reading the reviews will be fun for all who follow my blog, or just so happen to drop by.   The first Anime series will be Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, which is available for free on cruncyroll! The series follows Tanaka, a high school boy who is always in a state of lethargy, no matter the situation, or the valiant effort of his friends! Stop by every Saturday morning for a new post! I hope you look forward to it!




Mr. Nietzsche in the convenience store! ep.1


After being sick for a whole week and making sure my mom had an awesome mothers day, I finally had the time to watch Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store! Yay me *claps for self* This TV drama is an adaptation of a popular shojo manga comedy series of the same name, I’ve never read it before so this series is completely new to me. The show centers around two convenience store employees, Matsukoma and Nii, who work the night shift. Matsukoma is a college graduate who has been looking for work for 2 years, and Nii is a Buddism major still in school.

The way that I decided to watch the series is first without any subtitles on, then again with the subtitles in order to catch everything that I missed. I do this to see how much I can understand on my own, and increase my listening comprehension. I also make notes of new words in a notebook as I watch. I am watching the series on crunchyroll which allows you to turn off the subtitles by right-clicking and selecting no subtitles. At the end of this post I will place the list of vocab words that I made from the show.

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Busuu Success!


I was selected to complete the Busuu study! I have to say I didn’t think I was gonna make it, since the last few weeks were tough time wise, but I did! and I’m happy! I went back up to the Mcgraw hill office in Manhattan, to take the same placement test that we had to take in the beginning. This time I definitely did a whole lot better then last time, but I was still under level one (hey I tried), it also took me a lot longer to get through the whole test. Now that I have completed the study, Continue reading

New Series! J dramas!


Hi, all! I’ve decided to start a series about J dramas, and  how I use them to help me learn. I plan to pick a series and review each episode as well as list what new things I learned while watching. I want it to just be a fun series where you can come read a funny review and learn some new vocabulary words, maybe some different sentence structures. Continue reading

Learning the Basics : Kana


When you start your Japanese language learning journey, I highly suggest that you learn their writing system right away and do not use romanji. The Japanese writing system may seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t. The writing system is a combination of kanji and kana. Kana consists of  two syllabaries, called hiragana and katakana.  Hiragana is used for native Japanese words, and Katakana is used for foreign words, names, as well as loan words. Kanji isn’t something Continue reading

Why I Self Study

ToykoBentoBlog_FocusedWhen I first started studying Japanese in high school me and a few friends would go online to sites like and try to study different phrases, sentences and structures etc. needless to say we didn’t get very far. Not because of the website but because we were impatient, plus we had a ton of other school related things to do.

I continued to study bits here and there till college when Continue reading


TokyoBentoBlog_ApprovalstampHi my name is Linda and welcome to my blog! I’m an artist who loves Japanese language and culture. I wanted to make a blog to monitor my progress as I learn the language as well as share tips and tricks that I learn along the way. I’m also hoping it will help me to stay on track and fight burn out. Follow me on my journey to mastering the Japanese language from N5 to N1! I hope you find some helpful tips, some fun crafts, and maybe even discover something new.